Whiting Fish 20kg


Whiting Fish 20kg

Whiting Fish 20kg

Fresh from the waters off New England, whiting is a small, wild caught fish. Similar to cod, whiting is soft and sweet. Quick Italian lesson: The Italian word for whiting is “merluzzo.” The word for fried is “fritti.”

In our kitchen—and in our most formative, flavorful memories–these two words are inseparable. And they’re delicious. Slice into fillets, then cut into chunks. Next, dredge this flaky, tender, sweet fish in Wondra flour and lightly fry. Sprinkle liberally with sea salt, enjoy it right away, and try not to practice your Italian with your mouth full.

The smallest of the Cod family, with a silvery-grey body and rounded belly, and rarely found over 2kg. This is often an overlooked fish but, like Coley, Whiting fillets are a good buy when very fresh




2 fish are approx 1kg, offering 4 fillets


Supplied vac-packed, fresh and sealed in a temperature controlled box


Suitable for home freezing


Please note while every care has been taken to remove bones in fillets, there may be some remaining





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