Turbot Fish-8 Fillets, 4Lbs


Turbot Fish-8 Fillets, 4Lbs

Turbot Fish-8 Fillets, 4Lbs

European Turbot; 8 Fillets, 4 Lbs Total

Product Description:

Available As Eight Fillets Weighing Approx. 4 Pounds Total.

The Turbot Is Prized In Europe For Its Delicious, Bright-White Fillets. The Premium Quality Of This Flatfish Has Seen Its Popularity Rise In The USA – Particularly On Fine Dining Menus. We Source Them From Spain Where They Are Farmed To Ensure Consistent And High Quality Fish All Year Round.

Turbot Are Versatile Fish That Can Be Prepared In A Variety Of Ways, Including: Poached, Steamed, And Pan-Fried.


Turbot Is The King Of The Sea, There’s No Doubt About That. It Enjoys Regal Status Along With Its Flatfish Cousin, The Dover Sole. It Might Be Pricey But It’s Worth The Expense.

Whatever Your Preference, If It’s Isn’t Something You’ve Tried Before Then, Basically, You Need To. Life Is All About New Experiences, Right? Variety Is The Spice Of Life, Right? Had Enough Of My Cliches, Right? Well, Taste This Little Beauty And You’ll Remember It The Same Way You Remember Those Poignant Moments In Your Life:

Wedding Day

Birth Of A Child

Date And Location Of The Day You Tasted Turbot

It’s A Prized Fish, So Whatever You Do, Don’t Overpower It With Intense Sauces Or Ingredients. Let It Be The Star Of The Show. It Is, After All, The King Of The Sea! Here’s A Recipe From A Favourite Chef Of Mine, Nathan Outlaw, Serving It On The Bone.


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