Sole Fish 5Lb


Sole Fish 5Lb

Sole Fish 5Lb


This superb fish needs no introduction. It tastes so good, that you should cook it simply: grill or bake with just a minimum of herbs. Beware that the midriff is a lot thicker than the tail, so position carefully in your grill so as not to overcook the tail end… it would be a pity not to savour every morsel.


This is a whole Dover sole that has been gutted

A 400g fish is a good serving for one person for the main course


Available as two whole fish. Scaled and gutted. 2 pounds total.




Four skin-on fillets. Approximately 1 pound total.


Wild caught in Portugal by day-boat fisherman; you will not find fresher wild dover sole in the US. Day boats spend only one day at sea before returning with their catch. Handling the fish with care, our partners in Portugal ship the sole to us ocean-fresh. The premium quality of our sole has helped make them a best-seller, both to professional chefs and home cooks alike.


Dover sole has tender, moist flesh that shines in the kitchen. We recommend preparing it by steaming, poaching with wine, a la meuniere, or grilling with lemon wedges.


Because of the thin, delicate fillets, dover sole is best suited to the above methods rather than dry heat like baking or boiling; this will help avoid overcooking. A classic way to serve sole is whole and filleted at the table.



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