Scallops 8 Pounds (Pack of 2)


Scallops 8 Pounds (Pack of 2)

Scallops 8 Pounds (Pack of 2)

100% White Meat



8 – 10 Scallops per Pound

Great with Steak or Lobster Tails

Ships Fresh – Never Frozen

Premium Dry Scallops


Sea Scallops

Our sea scallops are wild caught and offered in a variety of sizes. Larger sea scallops make an excellent entree, while our smaller varieties and the bacon wrapped scallops make amazing appetizers or additions to your favorite recipes. Order sea scallops online from FreshSeaFoodHub today.


All cold water ocean scallops have a succulent sweet texture and are 100% white meat. What does u-10 mean? It means that there are less than 10 scallops in a pound, and they are perfect for sauteing and broiling! They can also be pan seared, marinated, used in kabobs or just serve them with melted butter. Scallops are high in protein and low in fat. Scallops are an excellent compliment to any seafood dish.


Scallop meat is some of the finest eating in the sea, with its body being divided into two parts, the scallop itself and the crescent shaped, bright orange roe. Both parts are delicious and can be prepared at the same time – pan fried quickly with a little butter is a real treat.


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