Pork Jowl-10lb Skin-Off, Uncured


Pork Jowl-10lb Skin-Off, Uncured

Pork Jowl-10lb Skin-Off, Uncured

Skin-Off Jowl

One 10lb Pack


Humanely Raised On Pasture

100% Antibiotic-Free

Raised By Independent Family Farmers

We Have More Marbling Resulting In More Tender And Juicy Meat

A Rich, Fatty Cut From The Chin Of The Pig, Jowl Is Most Typically Cured For Guanciale — Many A Burgeoning Curemaster Have Had Great Success Curing Our Supremely Meaty And Marbled Jowls. But Jowl Is Also Delicious Without Curing And Can Be Deep-Fried For Pastas Creating A Crispy, Fatty, Dense, And Delicious Treat. It Can Also Be Cut Into Lardons And Rendered For Numerous Applications. The Jowl Is Different From The Cheek And Each Piece Weights About Two Pounds.

The Secret To All Great Cooking Is To Start Off With Great Ingredients.



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