Oysters For Sale (15LB)


Oysters For Sale (15LB)

Oysters For Sale (15LB)



Loaded With Minerals Such As Zinc And Copper

Sourced From An Exclusive Supplier

Available All Year Round

Serve With Finely Chopped Shallots

Fresh Rock Oysters Are A Real Taste Of The Sea. They Grow In Abundance In Clear Cornish Waters And Have A Sublime, Fresh Taste. Arriving Whole And Live, They Require Shucking, But It’s Not Too Complicated A Job To Get To That Delicate, Soft Meat Inside. Some People Enjoy Them Simply On Their Own, While Other Prefer To Dress Them With A Few Chopped Shallots On Fresh Herbs. They Make For A Fantastic Start To A Seafood Feast, With A Portion Size Being Roughly 6 Oysters



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