OYSTERS-8oz cup(6-9pcs)



Fresh Oysters for Sale

Enjoy these fresh oysters which are luxurious fruits of the sea. Each oyster variety has it’s own unique flavor.  Pacific oysters tend to be sweeter and smaller in size, while Atlantic oysters are known for their salinity.

Best Place to Buy Oysters is Online

Rather than scavenging your grocery store to buy oysters that have lost their flavor in a can or are part of last week’s catch, have chilled, fresh oysters delivered directly to your door. Farmed or wild, with their shells or shucked, our oysters guarantee the highest quality in both taste and texture. We carefully select the shellfish that ends up at your doorstep, ensuring safe and healthy aquaculture practices and mouthwatering zest with each and every bite. When choosing where to buy oysters, FultonFishMarket.com is the obvious choice.

Get the Nutrients You Need with Fresh Oysters

Not only are fresh oysters undeniably appetizing, but they provide numerous benefits to your health as well. Like many other seafood options, these shelled delicacies are high in protein, selenium, vitamin E, and omega-3 fatty acids while remaining low in calories. Oysters are also known for their high zinc and iron content, meaning they can help improve both your immune system and energy levels. Buy oysters, not just for their taste, but for a healthy lifestyle as well.


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