Kumamoto Oysters 4 DOZEN


Kumamoto Oysters 4 DOZEN

Kumamoto Oysters 4 DOZEN

Small, With A Deep Cup. Mellow, With A Delicate Creaminess. Sweet With An Abundant Sip Of Liquor, Kumamoto Oysters Are Recognized Worldwide For Their Unmistakable Ruffled Shell. They’re Wild Sourced From The Pacific Coasts Of California And Washington And Of All The Oyster Varieties, This Is The One We’ll Always Go Cross-Country For.


Kumamotos Are Worshiped For Their Amazing Sweetness And Clean, Fruity Aromas. These Japanese Natives Grow Agonizingly Slowly, But Some Things In Life Are Worth The Wait, And Kumos Are One Of Them. Ours Take Three To Four Years To Reach Perfection, And When They Do, They Will Have Beautifully Fluted Shells And Plump Meats With A Hint Of Honeydew In Both Flavor And Color. Many People’s Favorite Oyster.


Flavor Profile: Bright, Sweet Flavors With A Cucumber Finish.

Size: Approximately 1 – 2 Inch Shell


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