Hamachi Sashimi 2-3kg


Hamachi Sashimi 2-3kg

Hamachi Sashimi 2-3kg

Fresh, Scaled And Gutted, 2-3kg

Hamachi, Also Known As Pacific Yellowtail Or Japanese Amberjack, Are Exclusively Raised And Farmed In Hyoshuku, A Region In Southern Japan. The Flesh Of The Fish Is Golden In Colour And Has A Smooth, Buttery Melt-In-The Mouth Texure, That Is Comparable To Tuna.


The Flavour Is Truly Exquisite And Rich, With A Subtle Smoky Undertone. This Fish Is Perfect Served Raw And Thinly Sliced As Sashimi. It Is Also Great Roasted Or Grilled, Allowing The Fish To Develop A Mild, Sweet Taste.


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