Hake Fish 15kg


Hake Fish 15kg

Hake Fish 15kg

Source of essential micronutrients selenium and phosphorus


Sustainably net caught and Available April-Nov


Excellent with chorizo or smoky flavours

Hake really is a special fish. If you want a great tasting, great value fish that has some of the best sustainability credentials around then choose hake. It’s in abundance in local waters and ours comes from an MSC accredited fishery.

It’s such a versatile fish to cook and has a delicate, fine texture when raw, but turns quickly to a firmer more meaty flake when cooked. Flavour wise, it’s sweet and delicate so pairs well with other stronger flavours such as chorizo.


Hake is so similar in taste to cod that it makes the perfect fish to try as an alternative for your cod recipes and at the same time means your supporting one of the best local, sustainable fisheries there is.


Surprisingly, not more popular in the UK – a large proportion of the UK catch goes to the Spanish, Portuguese and Italians who love it. Ranging from 1 to 5kg, Hake has a long, round, slender body and is mainly grey and silver in colour.


The shape makes 2-3kg Hake great for steaking or for cutting loin suprmes. The flesh is quite soft, but firms up on cooking, has a good flavour, and is well worth trying. For a light, modern alternative to battered Cod, try deep-frying Hake fillets dipped in a light tempura batter.


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