Golden Tilefish 10Lb


Golden Tilefish 10Lb

Golden Tilefish 10Lb

Golden tilefish is low in fat and has a delicate, sweet flavor similar to lobster or crab. Tilefish is primarily almost always sold fresh, usually whole, though it is also sold fresh in fillets and steaks, and when sold frozen, it is skin-on, bone-in fillets, and steaks.


Tilefish is graded and priced by size, with larger fish being more expensive. Although smaller tilefish are more affordable than larger ones, buyers caution that they also have softer flesh and shorter shelf-life. Tilefish yields thick fillets with a row of pinbones and raw tilefish flesh is light and pinkish but turns flaky and white when cooked.


Looking for tilefish for sale? There must be something magical down in the cold, deep waters off Key West, because that’s where some of the most delectable fish live.  One prime example is the Golden Tile Fish.  Scrumptious, tender flaky white fillets make this another favorite of our customers when it’s in season.


This deep water fish caught around Key West primarily in the winter. The flesh is white, delicate,  and flaky and can be served a variety of ways.


Since it’s often caught in depths of over 600 feet of water, electric or hydraulic reels are used.  This is not one of our fish brought in by divers…fishermen must deep-drop for these golden beauties!


We Have the Best Tilefish for Sale

Tilefish is a mild-tasting deep-water fish with attractive white flesh. It’s diet of shrimp and crabs gives it a sweet flavor that’s akin to lobster or crabs.


Golden tilefish is low in fat, and we sell it to customers whole. But we also offer it fresh as fillets and steaks. Tilefish provides relatively thick fillets with pinbones. The flesh is light pink, and it becomes white and flaky when it is cooked.


You can use a variety of cooking methods to enjoy the unique taste of tilefish, including baking, broiling, frying, sautéing, and poaching.


Here’s Why You Should Order Golden Tilefish Fillets from Us

You will enjoy these fish fillets when served with a variety of dishes. Due to the firmness of tilefish fillets, they are great for sautéing.


You can baste the fish in butter, white wine, or sauce. A tablespoon or two of fat or sauce per serving will do. Basting the fillets helps to keep the fillets moist, allowing them to cook evenly. Adding herbs and lemon will make the final sautéed fish delicious, too.


You can also prep your fish by roasting it in an oven. You can also enjoy the mild taste of firm golden tilefish fillets by simply seasoning it with ground pepper, olive oil, and sea salt.



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