Golden King Crab 5LB


Golden King Crab 5LB

Golden King Crab 5LB



If You Love Fresh Seafood, Then You Have To Try Golden King Crab Shipped From Alaska. Meat From The Golden King Crab’s Legs And Claws Have An Unmistakable Flavor And Texture. Whether You’re Hosting A Large Party Or Sitting Down To Dinner With Your Family, Appetizers And Entrees Made From Golden King Crab Will Have Everyone Reaching For Seconds.


Golden King Crab’s Heavenly Flavor Isn’t The Only Reason To Order Fresh Seafood From Alaska. King Crab Meat Is Loaded With Protein And B Vitamins. If You’re Trying To Avoid Carbs, Then You Should Make Golden King Crab A Regular Meal Option Since It Doesn’t Contain Any Carbohydrates.


Never Settle For Less When Choosing Seafood. Place Your Order Now To Get Fresh Golden King Crab Shipped Quickly From Alaska Right To Your Door.


Give Your Guests Something To Talk About.


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Cooking Instructions:


King Crabs Are Extremely Versatile. Since They Come Pre-Cooked, They’re Ready To Eat As Is, Or Can Be Prepared In A Variety Of Ways. To Warm, Just Steam, Sauté, Broil, Grill Or Roast For 4 Minutes To Heat Through. Serve With Drawn Butter Or Dipping Sauces. Try Out These Dipping Sauce Recipes.


Cooking Tips

When Our Alaskan King Crab Arrives At Your Doorstep, It’s Already Been Cooked To Perfection, Glazed For Protection And Flash-Frozen For Quality. How To Prepare Your King Crab? We’re Glad You Asked.


First, Simply Thaw In Your Fridge Overnight. Then Re-Heat Using Your Favorite Method – Adding Herbs And Other Flavors If You Like.



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