Fluke Fish 10pounds


Fluke Fish 10pounds

Fluke Fish 10pounds

Product Description

Skin-on fillets approx. 1-1.5 pound. Wild caught. Frozen.


Also known as the Left Eye or Summer Flounder, fresh fluke is caught in the cool waters off of the New England and Mid-Atlantic shores. This flatfish’s white, flaky meat is sweet and lean. Although firm in texture, it can be delicate  and care should be taken to not dry out the thinner fillets when cooking. Fluke is often cooked in wine and with sauces. It also tastes great on the grill, fried, or baked in the oven.


Fresh Fluke fillets have a firm texture, white meat and a small flake with a mild to sweet flavor. Fresh Fluke fillets can be used interchangeably with any recipe calling for a fresh Flounder fillet.



Simple is beautiful. With an unembellished preparation—pan seared, herbes de provence, sea salt—this versatile, slightly sweet white fish proves that uncomplicated often is the greatest luxury of all. Fluke is native to New England waters. Similar to flounder, with lean flesh and meaty flakes, this mild-flavored flatfish is perfect for seafood novices. Experience that fresh, local taste we love with gourmet seafood delivery



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