Diver Scallops 4 Lb(S)


Diver Scallops 4 Lb(S)

Diver Scallops 4 Lb(S)


100% NATURAL NO Chemicals!

Product Description:

Many Purveyors Claim To Have “Diver” Scallops, But Few Understand The Meaning Of The Term. True “Diver” Scallops Are Those That Are Hand Harvested From The Ocean Floor By Professional Fishermen Who Are Licensed Scuba Divers, And Less Than 1% Of All The Scallops Harvested Are Really Those Hand Harvested By A Diver.

We Know The Very Best Come From Our Own Local Inshore Maine Coast During The Winter Scallop Season. They Are Simply The Sweetest, Best Sushi Quality Scallops Available Anywhere, Delivered Directly To Us By The Divers Themselves. Ours Are Shucked, Never Frozen, And Packed “Dry” (Never Soaked With Water Or Preservatives). Serve For Any Dish Calling For The Best Quality Scallop.


Jumbo Maine Diver Scallops Are Approximately 10 Per Lb. Sold In 4 Lb Increments.


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