Dab Fish 12Lb


Dab Fish 12Lb

Dab Fish 12Lb

Dab is the smallest of the flat fish on average weighing less than 300g. Looks wise it is similar to Plaice and has a sweet and soft flesh. It is usually caught on British shores but of late has become a sustainable and popular alternative to Plaice.


We supply Dab with the Top Skin removed, Filleted with the skin on or off or as pockets.


Dab is best cooked by being grilled, pan-fried or baked whole.


Locally sourced from the waters off Long Island. Its delicate, flaky white flesh saut├ęs up beautifully in a flash. (Just a New York minute (or two) per slender side). Throw a few capers and some chopped parsley at the pan, enjoy, and get back to work (or play).




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