Cuttlefish For Sale 5lb


Cuttlefish For Sale 5lb

Cuttlefish For Sale 5lb

Product Description

Cuttlefish, Known Worldwide As Sepia, Share Many Similarities With Squids, Both In Body Structure And In Defense Mechanisms. The Cuttlefish Propels Itself Through The Water With Its Siphon And Also Employs The Use Of Ink In Order To Elude Predators.


This Brown Ink Has Been Used By Artists In Paintings And By Chefs As A Food Colorant, Although The Use Of Squid Ink Is Far More Prevalent Today.


Cuttlefish Flesh Is Very Tender And Somewhat Chewy. They Can Be Prepared In A Number Of Ways. The Most Popular Method Is Sautéed With Fresh Vegetables. It Is Also A Wonderful Substitute For Squid.


Comes Cleaned And Ready To Cook (Please Expect 30% Yield Of The 2.5kg Start Weight)

Landed In Most Cornish Ports And Is Caught As Part Of A Mixed Catch

Available Year Round

Use It As You Would Squid

Cuttlefish Is Often Overlooked In Favour Of Squid, But Is Very Similar In Texture And Flavour As Well As Being More Affordable. Caught In Trawler Nets Alongside More In-Demand Fish Species, Cuttlefish Used To Be Thrown Back But Are Now Considered A Worthy Addition To The Dinner Table! The Main Body Of Cuttlefish Are Fabulous Cut Into Strips And Tempura Battered, But The Tentacles Are Slightly Tougher And Require A Longer Cook Time – Braising Into Stews Is A Good Idea. Chargrilling Fresh Cuttlefish Quickly On The Barbecue Would Make An Amazing Addition To An Afternoon Of Alfresco Dining – The Firm White Flesh Will Hold Smoky Flavour And Light Grill Marks Wonderfully.


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