Crayfish For Sale-6kg


Crayfish For Sale-6kg

Crayfish For Sale-6kg

(+/-60 Crayfish)


Crayfish Are Freshwater Crustaceans. Very Similar In Taste And Texture, They Are A Great Alternative To Lobster As They Are Much More Affordable, And Much Easier To Prepare. Simply Put The Crayfish Into A Salted Pan Of Boiling Water And Boil Them For Three Minutes, Then Allow Them To Stand For A Further Two Minutes.

You Should Then Be Able To Pull The Morsels Of Meat Out Of The Shell And Snap The Tail Off, To Reveal Their Sweet And Soft Flesh.


The Crayfish Meat Is Succulent And Delicious, Particularly In A Crayfish Risotto With Fennel, Dill, And A Hint Of Vodka, Which Is A Recipe That You May Find At A Swedish Crayfish Party, An Annual Event In Sweden! They Are Celebrated In Sweden For Their Flavour During Their Season, Where The Crayfish Come To The Warmer Waters. We Are Proud To Offer Live Crayfish For Sale, Which Are Very Hard To Find To Buy Elsewhere.


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