Cow Heart-15 Lbs.


Cow Heart-15 Lbs.

Cow Heart-15 Lbs.

Organic Beef Heart

If You’re Looking To Buy The Best Quality Organic Beef Hearts Look No Further Than Our Online Shop. All Our Beef Hearts Come From Organically Raised, Grass Fed Beef Cattle. The Beef Heart Meat Is Dense In Texture And Packed With Flavour And Nutrients.


Many People Across The Globe Are Huge Lovers Of Organic Beef Hearts Simply Because Of The Deep Meat Flavour And Higher Level Of Nutrients. The Beef Heart Meat Is Much Darker And More Fibrous Than Other Offal.


Each Organic Heart Weighs Approximately 450g When Packaged.

A Lean, Flavorful, And Economic Cut, Beef Heart Can Be A Great Introduction To Enjoying Offal! Best When Cooked Quickly On The Grill (Try Them As Kabobs!) Or Seared In The Pan, Our Grassfed Heart Can Also Be Included In A Beef Stew To Add Another Layer Of Flavor.


To Be Supplied Frozen


Cooking Tips.

A Large Organ Such As Beef Heart Is Delicious Stuffed Or Braised. For Many People It Is Best Cut Up Or Sliced And Put Into A Casserole. Other Options Include Putting The Organic Hearts Into Lean Burgers And Using Any Left-Over Beef Fat For Cooking Your Fries.


High In Omega-3 Fatty Acids.



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