Colossal Shrimp-4 Lbs


Colossal Shrimp-4 Lbs

Colossal Shrimp-4 Lbs

Buy Colossal Shrimp Online And Get Ready To Be Wowed. The Biggest Shrimp Cocktail Online: 8-12 Count Shrimp! That’s 8-12 Shrimp Per Pound! Much Bigger Than You Will Find At Any Fine Seafood Restaurant. You Won’t Find Our Shrimp In Any Grocery Store Either Or At Any Of Those Big Catalog Companies. Our Shrimp Are All-Natural And Sustainable Harvested. Take A Look At What The Other People Call Jumbo Or Colossal Shrimp. Really.


Colossal Shrimp Are Shipped Uncooked, IQF (Individually Quick Frozen), Peeled, And Deveined. Shipped In Convenient Re-Closable Bags. Ready To Cook And Enjoy.


Instructions To How To Make Colossal Shrimp Cocktail:

Defrost Overnight In The Refrigerator.

Bring A Large Pot To A Boil. And Add A Tablespoon Of Sea Salt, Old Bay Or Your Favorite Seasoning.

Add Defrosted Shrimp And Cook For No More Than 4 Minutes.

Remove Quickly And Submerge In A Bowl Of Ice.

Refrigerate For Two Hours Or Even Overnight, Drain And Serve.


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