Clam Meat (8 POUNDS)


Clam Meat (8 POUNDS)

Clam Meat (8 POUNDS)

Shipped Overnight

Vacuum Sealed In One Pound Bags


Product Description:

Chopped Clam Meat Comes From Wild Caught Ocean Clams – The Entire Clam Meat Is Chopped, And Frozen Raw Into One-Pound Portions. Highly Recommended By Restaurant Chefs [Even Ours!] As They’re Tasty And Hassle-Free, And Very Versatile. VERY Sweet And Succulent, And Full Of Flavor. These Super Tender Chopped Clams Are PERFECT For Making Your Favorite Recipe Of Homemade Clam Chowder, Pasta Or Sauces!


Wild Caught.


Item Condition: Frozen-Thawed.


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