Chicken Hearts-10kg


Chicken Hearts-10kg

Chicken Hearts-10kg

Our Fresh Free Range Chicken Hearts Are Quick To Cook, Good For You And Make A Wonderful Meal When Combined With Your Favourite Flavours.


Chicken Hearts Are A Very Good Source Of Protein. And Although Slightly High In Cholesterol, They Are Rich In Essential B Vitamins, Including B12, Riboflavin And Folic Acid, And Minerals Including Zinc, Selenium, Iron And Potassium.


When Grilled Quickly On A High Heat, Our Chicken Hearts Are Tender Morsels With A Surprisingly Subtle Red Meat Taste. In Texture, They’re Softer Than You Might Expect, With A Hint Of Bounciness Like Flash-Fried Fresh Squid.


They’re Extremely Popular Around The World. If You Like Dark Meat Chicken, You Should Try Them – You’ll Be Surprised To Discover How Very Rich And Meaty They Are.


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