Brisket For Sale-14 Pounds


Brisket For Sale-14 Pounds

Brisket For Sale-14 Pounds

Size    14 Pound (Pack Of 2)

Weight    14 Pounds

About This Item

Beef Brisket Flat Cut, No Deckle, 7 LBS Fresh USDA Select And Lean

Great For Grilling Or Steaming For Corn Beef


The Meat Has Good Marbling, As Is The Nature Of Native Breeds, Which Stops It Drying Out During Low ‘N’ Slow Cooking. Choose Either A Whole Brisket Or Half From The Point End Or The Flat End, Whichever You Prefer.


Perfect For A Variety Of Uses, Comes Into It’s Own When Slow Smoked On A Low Heat BBQ Until It’s Falling Apart.


If You’d Like To Discuss The Cut Or The Preparation, Please Get In Touch Before You Order And We’ll Be More Than Happy To Help.



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