Branzino 10 Lb Whole Fish


Branzino 10 Lb Whole Fish

Branzino 10 Lb Whole Fish

Branzino (European Seabass), Whole, Scaled and Gutted

Branzino is a revered Mediterranean fish that goes by many names: bronzino, loup der mer, spigola, Mediterranean seabass, European seabass, the list goes on! What we love most about this fish is its mild, salty flavor and full, meaty consistency. Though it’s somewhat salty, it has a less fishy taste/aroma than many other fish, making it a great choice for those not used to eating fish. On the other hand, ardent seafood lovers will also vouch for its tastiness!


Buy fish online to have Branzino (European Seabass), Whole delivered fresh to your home or business in temperature-controlled packaging. You can rest assured that this fish has been prepared using sustainable aquaculture methods, and is scaled, gutted and ready to cook. We recommend sauteing, grilling or broiling it for the most delicious results. For seasonings, olive oil or coconut oil will work wonders, as will salt and pepper. Best enjoyed with a simple side like rice, couscous, quinoa or potatoes.




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