Blue Point Oysters – 3 Dozen


Blue Point Oysters – 3 Dozen

Blue Point Oysters – 3 Dozen

Our Connecticut Blue Point Oysters Are A Product Of The Northwestern Long Island Sound. More Specifically, Harvesting Occurs In The Waters Surrounding Copps Island (N 41.059/W 73.388), Tuxis Island (N 41.226/W 72.602), And Cedar Point (N 41.146/W 73.355). These Blue Points Are The Result Of A Unique Blend Of Aquaculture And Natural Development.

This Is For 3 Dozen Connecticut Blue Point Oysters.


Oysters May Be Rotated Back And Forth Between The Shallows And The Depths Many Times Over The Three Of Four Years It Takes For The Blue Points To Reach Market Size. Why? I’m Glad You Asked. By Employing Such Methods, Our Blue Point Fishery Is Able To Supply Us With Oysters That Are Remarkably Consistent In Size, Shape, Cup Definition, Cleanliness, Flavor And Texture.


Size Wise, Our Connecticut Blue Points Are Roughly Three And A Half To Four Inches In Diameter, With A Relatively Round Shell, And Pronounced Cup. Additionally, As There Is No Chipping Of The Shells Required To Improve Definition, The Valves Seal Together Quite Tightly, Thereby Promoting The Retention Of Liquor (And Minimizing Mortality). Shells Are Thick And Resistant To Chipping And Or Splintering During The Shucking Process. The Meats Of Our Connecticut Blue Points Are Full, And Possess A Mild To Medium Level Of Salinity.


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