Beef Shin (10KG PACK)


Beef Shin (10KG PACK)

Beef Shin (10KG PACK)

Shin Beef Adds An Excellent Depth Of Flavour To A Meal And Is Best Used In Slow Cooking Dishes Such As Casseroles Or Stews. A Fantastic, Tasty Product That’s Also Excellent Value For Money.

All Our Beef Is From Grass Fed Traditional Heritage Breeds Of Cattle, Dry Aged On The Bone For 21 Days Before Being Expertly Butchered To Your Requirements.



Beef Shin (Or Shank) Is A Cut From The Lower Leg. The Shin Muscle Is Used A Lot By The Cow And Has A Lot Of Connective Tissue To Support It, Which Means It Lends Itself Particularly Well To Slow Cooking. The Tissue Breaks Down Slowly And Develops A Mouth-Watering Taste And Fantastic Flavour. It’s A Great Way To Enjoy Beef At Fantastic Value For Money.



Because The Shin Is A Muscle Used A Lot By The Cow, It Needs To Be Slow Cooked To Be Enjoyed At It’s Best. It Works Really Well In Casseroles Or Stews Because The Flavour Of The Beef Melts Into The Whole Casserole To Create A Rich And Delicious Meal!


We Would Recommend Frying Off The Beef Shin On A High Heat For A Few Minutes With Some Onions And Finely Chopped Celery. Add Beef Stock, One Tin Of Tinned Tomatoes, A Splash Of Red Wine And Your Choice Of Stewing Vegetables Such As Carrots, Mushrooms And Potato. Cover The Dish And Slow Cook In The Oven At 150C For Approximately Four Hours, Until The Beef Falls Apart.


Alternatively, You Could Add The Same Ingredients To Your Slow Cooker For An Equally Tasty Meal.

Serve With Your Choice Of Vegetables And Enjoy A Comforting And Delicious Meal!



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