Beef Neck Bones-10 Packs


Beef Neck Bones-10 Packs

Beef Neck Bones-10 Packs

Size    340.8 Ounce (Pack Of 10)

Weight:   2.13 Pounds

Temperature Rating:   Frozen


About This Item

Glatt Kosher Bais Yosef 100% Grass Fed Beef Neck Bone 1 Pack – 2.13lbs Each Pack– Delicious & Healthy Natural Beef Meat, Protein & Omega-3 Rich, Hormone-Free & Non-GMO, Juicy & Ready, For Classic American Neckbone Recipes.


Product Description

When Was The Last Time You Enjoyed A Full-Flavoured, Delicious & Healthy Beef Neck Bone?


Discover The Rich Texture And Incredible Taste Of The Mount Pleasant Beef Neck Bone, Which Comes From 100% Grass-Fed Cattle In Our Northeast Texas, Estrella Ranch!


Our Cows Roam Absolutely Free On Our 13.500-Acre Estate And We Don’t Feed Them Any Grains Or Soy Which Can Disrupt Their Digestive System.


That’s Why Our Cows Are Laid-Back, Healthy And Happy!


Can Beef Be 100% Green?


Our Delicious, Genuine And Raw Grass-Fed Beef Neck Bone Is Hormone-Free, Non-GMO And Contains No Chemical Additives Or Toxins.


Plus, It’s An Extremely Rich Source Of Essential Fatty Acids Like Omega-3 And Omega-6, Which Help Boost Your Metabolism And Build Muscle, Since Our Beef Neck Bone Is Lean And Ideal For Low-Fat Diet.


Mount Pleasant Beef – Fresh From Our Ranch To Your Kitchen!


When It Comes To Delivering Our Premium Grass Fed Beef Neck Bone, We Take No Risks!


That’s Why Your Pack Of 1 X 2.13lbs Beef Neck Bones Will Be Shipped In A Safe And Durable Styrofoam Package Which Will Ensure That Your Beef Meat Stays Frozen Until Its Right In Your Kitchen!


Braised, Slow Cooked Or Grilled, The Mount Pleasant Beef Neck Bone Will Guarantee A Perfect Meal!


Enjoy Your 100% Organic, Natural And Grass Fed Beef Neck Bone Meat Slow Cooked, With Vegetables Or With Pasta And Add A Nutritious Source Of Omega-3 Fatty Acids To Your Diet!


FREE Shipping & 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!


We Are So Confident That You’ll Absolutely Love Our Delicious, Full-Flavoured And Lean Beef Neck Bone, That We Offer You FREE Shipping And A No-Questions-Asked Satisfaction Guarantee!



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