About Us!

Our Mission Statement

“To be the top-ranking Fresh Fish Market online by providing unrivalled seafood products, beef and poultry. Doing so by supplying our customers with fresh locally caught, sustainable seafood, as well as imported exotics, and a selection of hundreds of different types of seafood. To strive to provide superb customer service, by utilizing a knowledgeable and courteous staff.”

Our Story

The idea for FreshSeaFoodHub came on a training run. Maybe you’ve noticed how thoughts seem to speed up during exercise, and sometimes ideas join together in new ways. After several miles contemplating our business selling healthy, top-quality fish and beef, and then switching gears to think about triathlon training, it dawned on me: Our fish is the ultimate health and training food.

The idea made sense. For 25 years, we have supplied seafood and beef to the top natural and premium grocery companies and seafood restaurants across the globe. We would use our years of experience sourcing, preparing, and packaging the best seafood, beef and poultry and focus those skills on delivering real performance and health benefits to people. Give them pure, first-quality food they can trust – delivered to their door!

Thus FreshSeaFoodHub was born. Our mission is simple: We want you to eat well and live better. We want you to enjoy both the health and performance benefits of fish, beef and poultry in the most consistently-delicious form that you’ve ever experienced. You can trust us to supply you with pure natural fish portions, with tools and tips for quick easy preparation, and with honest information about the benefits you are receiving from FreshSeaFoodHub products.

Our Team

For us, there’s nothing better than tasting something really good at the peak of freshness. Our skilled merchants search the world for the very best, and make sure it gets to you at its prime, so we can share that enjoyment of great fresh food with you. It’s a passion shared by everyone we work with, from the people who grow, raise, and make what’s in your order to the team members who prepare and deliver it to you.